At Soler de Terrades, apart from rural accommodation in a privileged setting, we also want to offer you family experiences designed with a lot of love.

We suggest a weekend with your family, or sharing it with another family you love. You will be in contact with nature from different experiences:

  • Through popular stories with Sara Mas (web)
  • Through dances or body language with Erika Llopis (instagram)
  • Riding an electric bike around the Mas con Beemoweb (web)


17h Arrival


Morning: “Tales in Nature” A popular tale opens the door to the natural environment where we are, which we can explore, touch, smell…

Afternoon: “The 4 elements” Our body will represent Nature. You can choose to do so with an ancestral dance workshop or a theater / body expression workshop.


Morning: Excursion by electric bicycle

Afternoon: Return home