What can I do in Moianès?

El Moianès is a region of Catalonia, located in the highest area of the central Catalan plateau. Its capital is Moià.
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There are many activities that you can do during your stay at MAS EL SOLER DE TERRADES, such as cycling, hiking, climbing, horseback riding or trekking, among others. In Moianès you will find sport, adventure, motor, culture, tranquility … Its privileged location, close to big cities, but far away at the same time, means that visitors can escape between forests and nature or between towns, shops and streets.

Centre Hípic El Grèbol

El Grèbol Equestrian Center

You will be able to see the landscapes of the Moianès on horseback, or you will be able to enter the world of horseback riding.
Tel. (+34) 600.489.460

Club de Golf Montbrú Moià

Montbrú Moià Golf Club

Field of 9 holes located in the Moianès at 750 meters. above sea level. Launched in May 1992.
Tel. (+34) 654.513.180

Camp de vol i ultralleugers

Vol Xerpa

Flight school, which offers ultralight airplane rides, located between Moià and Castellterçol in a magnificent natural environment.
Tel. (+34) 661.849.669

Gaià Moià Itineraris Guiats

Gaia. Guided itineraries

Guided itineraries through natural spaces of the Moianès, to discover nature, culture and history.
Tel. (+34) 678.074.122

Circuit Verd Moià

Moià Circuit Verd

Permanent facility on the outskirts of Moià where you can practice all the off road specialties.
Tel. (+34) 606.959.330

Centre Hípic El Serrat Moià

El Serrat Equestrian Center

Equestrian center with the possibility of horseback riding, riding lessons, horse ball, jump, raid ...
Tel. (+34) 689.06.15.59

Escalada Rocòdrom Moià

Climbing and Climbing Wall

Different climbing routes in the Montbrú area.

Moianès Turisme

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Places of interest

The natural harmony, both within reach, a wonder of forests, beech, oak groves …; dolmens, ice pits and prehistoric caves, which transport us to our ancestors; hermitages, farmhouses, stone villages, testimonies of life and its inhabitants; churches, castles, monasteries, baroque art, romanesque art, traces of its historical-artistic heritage; markets, fairs, indoor cooking, mountain cooking

Les Coves del Toll Moià

The Caves of Toll

The Caves of Toll constitute one of the most important references of Prehistory, not only of Moianès, but of all Catalunya.
Tel. (+34) 93.820.91.34

Monestir de Santa Maria de l'Estany

Monastery of Santa María de l’Estany

Declared a Cultural Asset of National Interest, one of the Catalan Romanesque jewels and one of the main canonical abbeys.
Tel. (+34) 93.830.30.40

Casa Museu Enric Prat de la Riba Castellterçol

Enric Prat de la Riba House Museum

Manor house where the great statesman was born and died, president of the 'Diputació de Barcelona' and creator of the 'Mancomunitat Catalana'.
Tel. (+34) 93.866.63.62

Museu Rafael Casanova Moià

Rafael Casanova House Museum

In the town of Moià there is the birthplace of the councilor of Barcelona and hero of the siege of 1714.
Tel. (+34) 93.820.91.34

Patrimoni Barroc Església de Santa Maria d'Oló

Baroque heritage

The churches of Santa Maria and Sant Joan de Oló are the greatest exponents of the Baroque in Oló.

Patrimoni Romànic

Romanesque heritage

The term of Oló is full of Romanesque-style churches and chapels.

Museu Arqueològic Paleontològic Moià

Archaeological and Paleontological Museum

In the Moià archaeological museum we can see the remains found in the Toll prehistoric Caves complex.

Moianès Turisme

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El Moianès, a traditional hiking destination, has an extensive network of signposted paths that allows you to choose excursions at different levels. You can choose between the noon walk or the trips of one or more days. The soft relief of the Moianès makes it easier to walk between towns.
Ronda del Moianès

Ronda del Moianès

Magnificent circular itinerary for hikers, with radial internal ramifications, that runs along the periphery of the Moianès.

GR3 Senders de Catalunya

GR® 3. Trails of Catalunya

Path that runs through the interior of Catalunya, passing through multiple towns and landscapes of great interest.

Ruta Territoris serens

Serene Territories

Route that starts in Monistrol de Calders and ends in Rupit passing through the Moianès, Lluçanés ... and other territories considered serene.

Caminada pel Camí Ral Moianès

The 'Camí Ral'

Stroll along the 'Camí Ral', the land route par excellence, which communicated the main cities, where travelers traveled.

Recorregut de la Pedra Seca Monistrol de Calders

Dry Stone Route

Interesting itinerary that allows you to discover the rural heritage of Monistrol de Calders, the vineyard barracks and the dry stone buildings.

Sender de la Riera d'Oló

Arroyo de Oló Trail

A tour that passes through the Oló stream and the riverside forest and that reveals the Roc fountain, the Bruges fountain, the Coix mill aqueduct and the Sant Joan Vell hermitage.

Sender de la Rovirassa

Rovirassa Trail

Route that begins in the municipality of Estany and that runs through a track that goes through the Collet de Sant Pere and the Coll del Torn until reaching Rovirassa.

Moianès Turisme

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Fairs and parties

El Moianès is a region with a deep social and cultural life. A good part of its citizens are integrated in some entity. They are living and driven entities that offer activities and parties to the people.
The most traditional festivals of a lifetime have been joined by other cultural festivals promoted by local entities.

Gegants Moià


Fairs and parties

Gegants Monistrol de Calders

Monistrol de Calders

Fairs and parties

Gegants l'Estany


Fairs and parties

Gegants Santa Maria d'Oló

Santa Maria de Oló

Fairs and parties

Gegants Castellterçol


Fairs and parties

Gegants Castellcir


Fairs and parties

Gegants Sant Quirze Safaja

Sant Quirze Safaja

Fairs and parties

Moianès Turisme

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